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| Updated on Feb 27, 2016

secure your visa to visit Bahrain

Bahrain Visa Tourism is even Easier When You Use eVisa

Thanks to its Western-friendly, liberal culture, Bahrain is quickly becoming one of the premier countries to visit in the Middle East. Bahrain is a wonderfully warm and relaxed country, with a thriving middle class that creates an atmosphere much more similar to what most travelers from America or Europe are familiar with at home. This is the moment for get a visa to Bahrain easy and safe with a 3 simple steps process


In fact, Bahrain is one of the best places for LGBT couples to travel in, as Bahrain is one of the few countries in the Middle East where individuals of different sexual orientation are openly welcomed.

eVisas Help Simplify and Streamline your Visa Application Process

The process of obtaining a visa to visit a country such as Bahrain is notorious for being mired in bureaucratic red tape that is made worse by the long wait times as documents are mailed back and forth between travelers and government departments. Incorrectly filled out documents could delay visas indefinitely and misfiled forms could result in being issued with an invalid visa, leaving tourists unable to enter the country upon arrival.

However, last year Bahrain implemented an electronic visa system that lets travelers apply for their visa online. In addition to making the process much faster, by a matter of weeks, an eVisa allows a traveler to keep an electronic copy of their visa available to them at all times electronically.

Travelers have responded very positively to the new system, and Bahrain visa tourism has never been more accessible or any easier.

iVisa Helps Travelers Make Sure Their Visas Come Through

While the process of obtaining an eVisa is a vast improvement over the old methods of applying for a visa, there can still be some complications. The Bahraini government’s eVisa website can be confusing and offers little support should you become lost on the site or unsure of what information to provide.

That’s where services such as iVisa come in. iVisa further simplifies the process, letting you apply for your visa in mere minutes, and shepherds your visa through the application process, double checking all information for accuracy for a flat $77 fee.

iVisa sticks with you throughout your trip, featuring a 24-hour support line so you can get any questions you have answered right away from anywhere in the world. iVisa even emails you a reminder with your visa attached 48-hours before your arrival date so you’ll be ready to go when you arrive in Bahrain.

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