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| Updated on May 17, 2016

Myanmar Relaxation Tips

Relax on Myanmar´s beaches

Myanmar offers something special for all types of travelers out there, young and old alike. If you want to relax and just enjoy nature and good weather, then you should visit the famous Ngwe Saung beach (Silver beach) in Myanmar. Its quieter than other beaches and is paradise for those trying to escape city life!

  • Ngwe Saung beach is the longest beach in Southeast Asia almost 15 kilometers (9 miles) long. Make sure to get your visa to Myanmar today and start planning your awesome get away to Myanmar for some beach time.

  • Another beach to visit in Myanmar is Ngapali beach. If relaxation is a priority then this white beach with turquoise water and palm trees is your answer. Its close to Yangon so getting there wont be a hassle.

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