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| Updated on Aug 1, 2016

eVisa for US Citizens to Bahrain

If you are a US citizen you need a visa to enter Bahrain. The Bahraini government prefers US citizens obtain their visa prior to arrival. There are three options for obtaining a visa:

3 Ways to Obtain Bahrain Visa:

-Arrival: As a US citizen you can get a two-week visa upon arrival at the Bahrain International Airport. You will have to wait in line for a passport officer. You will be asked questions about the purpose of your visit. If everything goes well your passport will be stamped with a visa and you will be charged a fee of $14.

Tip: U.S. diplomatic and official passport holders can receive a no-fee two-week visa upon arrival. Journalists must have a journalism visa.

-Embassy: You can obtain your tourist visa through the Embassy of Bahrain (located in Washington) or you can download your application from the embassy’s website and mail in your application. For this you must include:

-Valid passport -Recent passport-sized photo -Letter stating the reason for your visit -Intinerary -Bank Statements that prove you can afford your visit -$228 for the visa fee

This is a five year multiple re-entry visa which allows you to stay for up to 28 days at a time. It takes approximately two to four weeks to process visa applications. You will receive your passport with the visa stamp in it.

-Online: The Bahraini government offers the possibility of obtaining a Visit eVisa online. Instead of having to go to the embassy you may apply online. It is very simple, all you have to do is fill out an online application and pay the visa fee online as well. You will be emailed your visa approval or rejection. Print out the copy of your approval and take it with you, although your passport should show your visa electronically when scanned.

What is an eVisa? The eVisa is an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). The eVisa allows you to stay in Bahrain for up to two weeks and you can use it once. If we compare it to the traditional tourist visa we obtain at the embassy, this visa is faster and much cheaper. It only costs $19 and takes less than 72 hours to process. Once you are in Bahrain, you may obtain another 2-week extension at the National, Passports and Residents Affairs office (NPRA) in Manama.

How to Obtain eVisa? You can obtain a Visit eVisa through the government’s website: or through: After checking out both websites, I personally found iVisa less complicated. Through iVisa the process is faster and straightforward. They offer 3 simple steps:


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