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| Updated on Mar 7, 2016

3 must eats with visa for kenya

3 Must-Eats with visa for Kenya.

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Italy and France think they’ve cornered the market on world cuisine, but Kenyan specialties are nipping at their heels. If you’ve decided to get your Kenya visa, here are a few foods that you will forever remember from your trip:

Surprise, Beer! Tusker beer is a Kenya original, first brewed in 1922 by George Hurst. A year later, George was killed in an elephant hunting accident. His brother, Charles, supplied the admittedly catchy, yet morbid, name to honor George’s memory. Tusker has evolved into an award-winning lager over the years and is exported worldwide. A pale lager, Tusker begins with the aroma of locally grown malted barley. The light body carries mild hop flavor over your tongue, ending with a slightly bitter finish. Popular reviews recommend this brew, particularly in hot weather. Treat yourself to a Tusker years later, after your visa for Kenya has long expired, and let the light, fizzy taste take back.

The Mandazi Effect Also known as the Swahili coconut bun, this is a versatile creation from the Swahili Coast. In its plainest form, it is made from milk, water, flour, and yeast, commonly eaten with a meal in the place of a bread roll. Flavorful variations quickly transform this seemingly ordinary little bun into several delicious forms. For example, using coconut milk adds its characteristic sweet, coconut flavor. Ground peanuts or almonds add body, sweetness, and flavor to make a convenient snack that travels well throughout the day. Serve with a sweet fruity dipping sauce for a truly delectable dessert. If your Kenya visa results in no other edible experience, be sure the Swahili coconut bun is involved.

Samaki wa Kukaanga – say it three times, fast If your Kenya travels take you closer to the coastal regions, you may well encounter this local delicacy anywhere from roadside food carts to the best restaurants in Mombasa. Fish is filleted and marinated in lime, garlic, salt, and cayenne pepper for half an hour, and then fried in oil until brown and crispy on both sides. Samaki wa kukaanga is often served with a side of sukuma wiki, a dish found throughout Africa made from kale or collard greens sautéed with onion and tomato. Unlike cuisine found elsewhere in the world, Kenyan recipes can be brought home without completing a year or more of culinary school to learn how to prepare them. The tastes of this country remain grounded, practical, and fulfilling. The key to developing the Kenyan palate, of course, is first to travel to Kenya. Applying for a visa for Kenya has been made much easier with the introduction of electronic visas.

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